Bracelet, Anklet and Ring Sizing


1. Wrap a non-stretchy string around your finger where you'd like your ring to be worn. Make sure that the string is pulled snug to your finger. The tighter, the better to find your best fit.

2. Mark the spot where the end of the strings meet, and measure the distance with a runner in millimeters (mm).

3. Use the circumference column in this chart to find your size. 


Alternatively: Find another ring that fits the finger you want and measure the internal diameter of it in mm, matching the size to the chart.



1. Using a non-stretchy string, measure your wrist or ankle where you would typically wear your jewelry and then measure that length using a ruler.

2. For a tight fit, add 1/4" to your measurement.

3. For "not too tight, not too loose", add 1/2".

4. For loose, add 3/4" (not recommended for anklets).