COVID-19 Update


Hi friends, I hope you are staying safe, healthy, & sane during this unsettling time.

Here at ESD, I'm doing my best to do all of the above, while working my butt off to keep this business going. My home studio has always been closed to the public, but now my home is as well. My website will remain open for shopping and shipping to you, or directly to your loved ones. In fact, as always during checkout, you can have items from one order sent to multiple locations.

My jewelry is made by hand by me. It's important that you know I'm taking all necessary precautions to keep my studio sanitary and safe. Here are some of the steps I am taking:

  • Our family is practicing social distancing, only spending time with one another. No playdates, no group runs. Just us cooking, creating and playing in the mud. My children have been kept home from daycare and preschool but even so, just in case, my studio is completely off limits to them. 
  • My studio has been cleaned and disinfected.
  • All jewelry is cleaned thoroughly prior to shipping.
  • I already wear a mask while working to prevent breathing in chemicals and dust particles so that will obviously continue.
  • Constant hand washing has always been in practice due to the messy nature of my work. This will continue as well.

My shop will remain open.

Lastly, I am remaining positive and optimistic in the best ways I know. I'll be working on some new pieces in the coming weeks with the intention of raising money to help those being impacted by this virus. I'll also be hosting some live Instagram videos, trying to keep you entertained and in the loop. We are all in this together so if you have any other ideas on how I can brighten your world, please reach out and let me know.


With love,
Erica Sara