Winged Foot Bead


“What good are wings without the courage to fly” -Atticus

Hermès, the Greek god whose feet could swiftly fly him wherever he needed to go; the god of sports, athletes, travelers, and above all, runners. This bead is perfect for runners, or anyone on a journey (aren't we all?).

Solid sterling silver bead. Engraved to order. Prices will update as selections are made. Personalized jewelry is not returnable. Learn more.

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To add additional beads to your necklace, 

  • In the comments at checkout, let us know that you'd like the bead added to your current necklace. Erica Sara will engrave & hold the bead until we receive your necklace from you.
  • When you get your confirmation, forward it to us at and let us know you need a return address.
  • We'll respond with where you can return your necklace. You send it to us, Erica Sara willl add the bead and polish it all up. Then we''ll send it back to you!
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