Is 10k Gold or 14k Gold Better?

Erica staring at a chunk of gold

Let’s talk gold.

I love gold and based on all of your requests for many of my cut pieces in this precious metal, so do you. My goal is to add a beautiful solid gold assortment in time for Mother’s Day gifts but with the price of gold being so high, I want to consider both your taste and your wallets. So, which would you prefer: 10k gold or 14k? Before you answer, let me explain the difference.

A karat measures the purity of gold. Pure gold is 24k, which means that if we were to divide it into 24 parts, all parts are pure gold. 14k gold is 14 parts pure gold (or 58%) and 10 parts (42%) other metal alloys like copper, silver, and zinc. But what does this mean to you?

First, the more gold, the deeper the yellow color. Second, the less the gold, the more scratch resistant and endurable the piece is. This is because the additional metals are harder than pure gold. Both 10k and 14k are naturally waterproof and tarnish resistant.

Pure gold is currently over $1800 an ounce, making it really expensive to create designs in the gorgeous material. That’s why I offer gold-filled jewelry for my engraved pieces that aren’t custom cut to order as an affordable option that can last as long as solid gold. But if I were to cut a name or shape out of gold filled, all of the edges would expose the internal metal and would tarnish pretty quickly. That means that cutting shapes and names out of gold-filled wouldn’t meet the quality standards I proudly offer.

I’m working on a really cool new ring design that would be cut to order. If I were to create it in 14k gold, I’d have to price it around $218. If I were to create it in 10k gold, it would be more like $138-148.

Now, given all of that information (I know, it’s a ton!), which would you prefer?
10k (lower price point, more scratch resistant, slightly lighter in yellow color) or 14k (higher price point due to higher pure gold content, slightly darker in color)? Let me know over on Instagram.

p.s. How cool is this real pure gold nugget? This is what gold looks like when it is mined. Robert’s grandfather, Emmett’s namesake, was a jeweler back in the day and passed it down to Robert.