Custom Design Spotlight: A Gift From Katie

You guys, this was such a fun custom project! I’m psyched to share the story behind a special jewelry order I recently created for @‌kd.horton as a gift for @g_kneeeeee

Katie reached out to me after being inspired by the custom gifts her best friend Jeannie had received from my studio. Katie wanted to surprise Jeannie, who already has it all, with something meaningful to represent their friendship.

“I know she had the amazing idea to have you make our hands from the Taylor Swift concert into a charm. I wanted to see if we could possibly do something with the ferris wheel in Seattle? It was one of our first trips together and she was a little timid to ride, but we had a great time and really bonded over that trip! I included photos from the trip and a couple of google images as well. If that idea isn’t feasible that is okay! I will think up some other ones. I appreciate all of your help!! “ - Katie

I was thrilled to be part of their story and create something unforgettable for such a special friendship. Thank you Katie and Jeannie!