My Goals for 2022

Erica Sara

Earlier this year, I promised I’d post my “resolutions” or goals… but then life got in the way and I never did. My word of the year is PURSUE (and follow through) so here I am, following through.

My resolutions/intentions/goals for 2022:

1. Business: grow Erica Sara Designs. Seems simple, right? Ha! This year I’m focusing on increasing traffic, increasing conversion and tightening up my collections so they aren’t wishy washy or all over the place. I have so many ideas my brain hurts!!!

2. Social Media: being of more service to my online community. Share what goes on behind the scenes of my small business, how I juggle it with my family and personal life, and offer any life hacks I’ve learned through it all.

3. Personal/physical: get in shape for real. I’m turning 44 this month and I feel great, but not physically strong. I want to be strong.

4. Personal/mental: Live at peace. Last year, like so many of you, I went through some intense emotional and mental challenges and I’ve taken a deep dive to figure them out. This year I want to continue building upon the steps I’ve already taken, dedicate some time to specific disciplines that nourish my mental health.

5. Family: be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece and cousin: If 2021 reminded me of anything, it’s how important my family is to me. It’s been too easy falling out of touch with some people I love with so many things pulling me in other directions. This year I want to reconnect or strengthen them.

So, my 2022 intentions. I’ll do my best to chat about them weekly (goal 2: be of service here!) to fill you in on how I’m going about each one, the challenges I face and wins I realize along the way.

Did you set intentions for the year? If so, how are they going? If not, do you wish you did? It’s not too late!