Me, Also Me

Erica Sara running

This is me.

Erica Sara running

This is also me.

Because I’ll be damned if I’m one of those women who only show the good pictures and contribute to the impossible standards that social media encourages, that it rewards.

Because last week someone told me that 99% of girls would, and I quote “kill to be as skinny as you” and I hated it.

Because an 81 year old is on the cover of the SI Swimsuit magazine, BUT is so airbrushed, nipped, tucked, and posed that she’s still perpetuating unrealistic and dangerous standards for us and makes me feel like we really haven’t made much progress after all. Not to take anything away from her. I don’t know her. I’m not interested in tearing down other women….just impossible standards.

Because this morning I heard my 5 year old declare that pickles have no calories (yes, pickles for breakfast 🥴) and I have no idea where she heard that because I know that we don’t talk about that crap in our home.

Because I’m sick of feeling disappointed and let down by my perimenopausal body and all the posts telling me that I need to lose my belly fat and trim this or that. That I’m less than I was because my body is going through changes.

Because I’m not a highlight reel, I’m a real person.