Overwhelming Abundance

Erica Sara running

I recently read that “overwhelm” is an abundance of what you’ve seeked out, what you’ve worked for. I love this idea. Fascinating, right?

Parenting is overwhelming so often… because of the abundance I receive from my kids, for whom I prayed for years and worked really hard to conceive and birth.

I’m often overwhelmed by my work… because I’ve dreamed up this business and it’s abundantly successful.

I’m overwhelmed by cleaning my home… which I worked hard to afford and decorate.

This morning, when I felt the overwhelming, “Holy crap, how am I going to fit it all in?!?,” I reminded myself of the abundance. It was so much easier to be grateful and to adjust my expectations.

I ran a short and easy 5 miles this morning because it’s all I had time for. Because I got to spend an hour this morning at my son’s school for the book character parade. Because I have an inbox full of orders and customer emails to respond to. Because of abundance.

I think I like looking at the world this way.

Is your overwhelm actually abundance in disguise?