Reese Altitude Training Camp

Welcome to Reese Altitude Training Camp! Just kidding, sort of 😉

Once upon a time, it was my dream to have a bed and breakfast somewhere in the country or mountains, preferably on a lake. On enough land to build a running track around the house (seriously, how cool would that be!?!). I imagined it being a family side business, with my workshop on the property. I would make jewelry and stock a gift shop with my designs and other fun local finds. And once or twice a year, we would hold some sort of running retreat, and I’d cook for everyone while the husband led group runs. There would be yoga and meditation, nutrition demonstrations… a big giant dream encompassing and sharing everything I love.

It’s funny how dreams change. And while I’d still love to have a property somewhere where friends and family could gather for holidays and special retreats, I can’t imagine it actually being a business. Because my own business has grown and dominated our world and I’m really proud of where it’s going. This week, I’ve been trying to finalize the details for an exciting project. The kind of project I put on my vision board over 10 years ago... I imagined that getting this gig would mean I’ve “made it.” which makes me chuckle a bit. Because I don’t think I’m ever going to quite “make it” no matter how successful my work is. It’s a constant evolution. The dream keeps changing and growing and I’m loving the journey we’re on.

Ok now, any guesses about the big project I’m working on?!?