She Kept Going.

I started January strong. With a mission in sight. Organized. I had a plan. Then I dropped one ball. Slowly, I dropped them all. I felt doomed to fail. Then I heard the following concept on a podcast. If your kid forgets to brush their teeth one night, do you tell them that they never have to brush again? Gross. No. You remind them why it's important and get them back on schedule until it becomes a habit again. If you set new intentions for this year (see my last newsletter for reasons why I don't always feel new goals are necessary), now's the time that you've probably let them slide. Maybe you are no longer counting your steps to 10k, meditating every morning, journaling every night. Maybe dry January isn't so dry anymore. You're focusing on what's wrong instead of how to make things right. But just because you dropped a ball, doesn't mean you can't pick it back up. Whether at the start of a year, a month or a day, you've set these intentions for a reason. Pick up the balls. KEEP GOING