What You’re Supporting on Small Business Saturday

Erica Sara making jewelry

On this Small Business Saturday, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for supporting my small business and my big dreams. The holidays are a favorite time of year for us. We love decorating the house, reading Christmas and Chanukah books (yes, we celebrate both) and the smell of our kitchen as we cook and bake our way through the season. And because my son’s 4th birthday is this weekend, we’ll be spending our time baking a cake, running around playgrounds and having an intimate family celebration. During ESD’s busiest weekend, I spend more time away from my work than I should because I want to make sure that my son knows how important he is to me and that he and his sister will always come first.

That’s what you’re supporting when you buy small or local. Small businesses are families like ours. You’re supporting inspiration, hard work, motivation, actual blood, sweat, and tears. (And, in my case, really messy hands.) You’re supporting the work ethic and example we’re hoping to set for our children. When you shop small, you’re not helping a CEO buy a 3rd house or a boat, you’re helping a real family buy groceries or pay their mortgage, their health insurance. So THANK YOU for supporting this small business!

I get a lot of DMs asking who makes the jewelry on my feed. I do! I cut, polish, file, solder, link, engrave, clean, pack and ship it all right down to the handwritten thank you note in each order. I personally read all of the comments and notes you include with your orders, celebrate your PRs, get excited about your new baby heartbeats, handprints and footprints. And yes, some orders make me cry.

One of my bestselling necklaces is engraved with EVERY MILE BECOMES A PART OF ME. Well, every piece I make becomes a part of me. I hold your stories in my heart and feel honored to create them. I’ll be posting some designs in my Instagram stories from now on, along with the background of each. I hope you check them out and get as much out of them as I do.