The Race Bib You Can Wear Everyday

runner race bib necklace

Introducing the most stylish race bib you’ll ever wear: the Erica Sara Personalized Race Bib!

Five custom engraved fields reflect YOUR individual accomplishments and journey. From a race name or city to a date, your bib number or name, the distance of your choice and even your motivating mantra. I’ve tried to think of it all! I can’t wait to see what you all get engraved and I can’t wait to personally engrave them for you!

The new bib design is available as a necklace in sterling silver or gold filled, or as a bracelet in sterling silver. View the collection for pricing, more details, and to order your new favorite race bib.

And, one more thing — Congrats on your race!

Race Bib Instructions

To order a bib as shown in the photo above, this is the engraving text you’d enter for each field:

  • DATE: APRIL 17, 2023
  • MANTRA, LINE 1: every mile
  • MANTRA, LINE 2: is magical
  • DISTANCE: 26.2

Note: You don’t have to put a date in the date field. That label, along with all of the others, is just a suggestion. You should feel free to make your race bib uniquely yours!

Here’s a mockup showing all the field placements:

runner race bib necklace with instructions