&Mother Necklace


On Mother’s Day 2019, co-founder Alysia Montaño published her viral New York Times op-ed Nike Told Me to dream Crazy, Until I Wanted a Baby, highlighting the lack of sponsor support for female athletes choosing to become mothers during their athletic careers. The#DreamMaternity message hit close to home for women all over the world from fellow professional athletes to lawyers to pilots to scientists to doctors and everyone in between. Along with scientist and advocate Molly Dickens, Alysia founded &Mother as a path to transition #DreamMaternity from movement to impact.

Erica Sara is proud to be one of &Mother's earliest sponsors with this handcrafted jewelry collection. 20% of all &Mother sales will be donated to the organization to support a woman’s choice to pursue career and motherhood while enabling mothers to become the driving force breaking down a system that has historically dismissed, undervalued and discriminated against them, starting with professional athletics.

This sterling silver piece is handcrafted in our North Carolina studio and are made to order. Each piece is cut from a sheet of silver, hand polished and tumbled for shine and durability. There may be perceived flaws which are natural in handmade work and are part of the jewelry's character.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for production for sterling silver or gold fill. 3-4 weeks for production for vermeil. Visit our production & shipping timeline page for delivery information.

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